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Designed by a group of experienced and successful coaches and mentors from all walks of life, who are passionate about helping others achieve their professional and personal goals

Preparing yourself for the future

It’s very easy to get caught up in day-to day life as we deal with the details and ignore the bigger picture. Our coach will work with you to plan, set goals and get ready in all areas so work-life and personal life becomes more manageable in the long term.

Preparing for the future

Taking charge of your personal development

Personal development is a lifelong process that helps you assess your life goals and upskill to fulfil your potential. Working with our coach to set personal development goals to advance your career as you build your own family.

Personal development

Getting unstuck - “I am feeling totally stuck”

We will feel stuck many times over the courses of our lives. Feeling stuck can result from a relationship, trying to conceive, our careers, or raising a young family.Working with our coach on a regular basis can help you avoid those stuck times and keep yourself moving forward.

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Our Coaches and Mentors

Anita Cleare​

Parenting Coach

Sarah Lee

Career and Life Coach

Our Coaching Programs

12-week Career and Life Coaching Program

Pursuing an ambitious career while exploring family planning option

The journey to parenthood could have an impact on your career progression, career longevity and life goals. As an ambitious professional, thinking about integrating a family can be challenging and complex.

In this coaching, we will co-create specific scenarios for your career and life using a “Future Paths” framework. This framework will allow us to explore both your professional and personal goals in a structured process.

12-Week Career and Life Coaching Program

Returning to work

It doesn’t matter whether you’re senior or junior, what industry or occupation you worked in previously, or how long your career break has been. You may have been taking a year’s maternity leave; you may have taken a lower-paid, part-time, temporary or self-employed role to fit around your caring responsibilities, and now be looking for a job which is more in line with your skills and experience.

In this coaching program, our coach Sarah will help you prepare for returning to work.

Returning to Work: How to Make my CV Stand Out?

Advice and practical tips on how to make your CV stand out.

Positive parenting strategies for single mums and solo mums by choice

In this positive parenting session, Anita will explain how positive parenting makes both children and parents happier. She will help you understand what positive parenting strategies are and how to be a positive parent – even on the days when it feels impossible. By sharing practical advice and helpful tips, you will gain the confidence to try some new ways to deal with common flashpoints and realise you are far from alone in these everyday struggles.

Balancing a successful career with being a single parent

Progressing in our career while trying to start a family or having a young family brings exciting life changes but also unforeseen challenges. It can be a difficult and stressful time for everyone. But for solo parents, the challenges are greater still. In this coaching session, parenting expert Anita will share her tips and experiences of balancing a demanding career with the stresses of family life for single parents.

101 ways to support your child’s development

We all want our children to do well – at school and in life, and it is part of the unwritten job description to help them grow and reach their full potential. As a busy, working parent, it’s easy to fall into a guilt trap of worrying that you aren’t doing the right things or don’t have enough time to support your child’s development. But what really matters when it comes to parenting and child development?

Wills 101 - Why Every Parent Should Have a Will?

 A Will is the only way to ensure that your children are cared for in the way you would wish if you were to pass away. It is always worth having a Will as a parent, even if you have nothing to leave. Making a will can be dauting and there are a lot of considerations. In this session, Katherine Ingram, a specialist private client solicitor, answers all the key questions you should know about writing a Will.