Welcome to our first issue of 360° Me – the first magazine to take a holistic approach to the reproductive health, general health and wellbeing of women and men

Here are a few of the topics you’ll find in our launch issue:

  • Our recent collaboration with “Miscarriage for Men”, a support network for men who have experienced the loss of miscarriage. In partnership with them, we created a survey to assess the emotional impact of miscarriage on partners. We share the results with you.
  • We’ll be exploring the best time to start a family, how to plan for it and what to do if you don’t feel ready.
  • We look at how to manage Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (or PCOS), as well as looking into male fertility and surrogacy regulation.
  • We also talk to 30-something Rhian about the ups and downs of her amazing egg-freezing journey.
  • Angel Xue, a solo mum by choice, speaks to us about her fertility journey – from how she chose her donor sperm, to parenthood after IVF.

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