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Fertility books

We’re well into the Christmas season! What better time to curl up next to the fireplace and tuck into some holiday reads? Here at Little Bean Journey we’ve rounded up all our favourite books about reproductive health and menopause so you can enjoy yourself and learn more about your body, fertility, and wellbeing.

Get that cup of hot chocolate and find your new go-to page-turner from our recommended reading list below!


“A Celebration of Vulva Diversity “ by The Vulva Gallery

A Celebration of Vulva Diversity

What It’s About: It’s all about body positivity and educating people about reproductive anatomy.

Recommended By: April Hill, Business Development Associate at Little Bean Journey

Why I Would Recommend This Book:  

I think it’s an accessible, fun, and educational read and The Vulva Gallery is a great organisation to support. There’s always more you can learn about your body! It’s also great for unlearning shame and stigma surrounding the vulva.


“This Is Your Brain on Birth Control” by Dr Sarah Hill

This is your brain on birth control

What It’s About: The book is about all the unintended side effects of the birth control pill, e.g. mental health and even your preferences in mate selection.

Recommended By: Angela Bunn, Senior Research Manager at Little Bean Journey

Why I Would Recommend This Book:

It’s all meant to be research-based and actually touches on quite a few of the categories mentioned – reproductive health, mental health, wellness, and even how the pill might be affecting your career!


“Ripping Up the Script: One couple’s journey through infertility, a man’s perspective” by Charlie Druce

Ripping up the script

What It’s About: It’s about one couple’s fertility journey, but from the man’s perspective.

Recommended By: Stella Wooder, Operations Director at Little Bean Journey

Why I Would Recommend This Book:

I like it because it is honest, humorous, and “conversational”. It is also packed with lots of facts on infertility. Very informative and easy to read.


“Why Is Sex Fun?” by Jared Diamond

Why is sex fun

What It’s About: It is a lot of fun facts about evolution around the theme of reproductive biology.

Recommended By: Oriane Chausiaux, Fertility Science Director at Little Bean Journey

Why I Would Recommend This Book:

It is entertaining. And the face of people who see the book cover while you are reading this in the tube is an added bonus 🙂


“Cracking the Menopause: While Keeping Yourself Together” by Mariella Frostrup and Alice Smellie

Cracking the menopause

What It’s About: Presenter and broadcaster, Mariella Frostrup, shares her menopause journey and features “case studies” from other women.

Recommended By: Stella wooder, Operations Director at Little Bean Journey

Why I Would Recommend This Book:

It is great to read a book which addresses the “menopause taboo” in a direct, informative (co-author, Alice Smellie, is a healthcare writer), positive and humorous way.


“Mastermind” by Maria Konnikova


What It’s About: This book draws on current research in neuroscience and psychology to help create strategies to improve your mind and critical thinking such as observation, deduction and memory.

Recommended By: Thomas Hopkins, Fertility Science and Research Manager at Little Bean Journey

Why I Would Recommend This Book:

Being a scientist, I like the way this book takes current and relevant research in neuroscience and explains the context and relevance to how you can use these strategies. I enjoyed the way it allowed me to understand my own mind better.


“Preparing for the Perimenopause and Menopause” by Dr Louise Newson

Prepare for the menopause

What It’s About: Despite Menopause being something that almost every woman will experience at some point in their lives, misdiagnosis, misinformation and stigmatisation are commonplace. In Preparing for the Perimenopause and Menopause, Dr Newson will demystify the menopause and show why every woman should be perimenopause aware, regardless of their age.

Recommended by: Carrie Yang, Founder and Managing Director at Little Bean Journey

Why I recommend this book:

It is very informative, easy to read and a great source of learning about our bodies. A lot of us still don’t really understand menopause. This book gives lots of great advice to help understand what to expect.


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